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Are you worried about the lost data from the memory card after accidental formatting? No matter how you format your memory card intentional or unintentionally, formatting removes or I should say cleans all the saved data from your memory card. So what now, how to get back that lost data? Don’t worry you can get back lost data from your formatted memory card with the ease. You just need to stop the further use of memory card, so that data should not get overwritten. Because overwritten data on memory card or from the other data storing drive can’t be restored back. This is why professional experts tell to stop the use of card immediately after accidental formatting or when you lose data from any other factors.

If you have made this mistake in earlier decades then you might fail to get back your data. But thank yourself that you have committed this mistake in this decade where you find recovery software’s. Although there are many utilities, yet you need to choose the right one. So that you can get back, you’re lost data without any modifications or overwriting. Card recovery tool is one such reliable recovery utility for memory card that can bring back lost, deleted and inaccessible data in a safe and secure way.

Not just accidental formatting there are various other reasons for losing or deleting data from your memory card. Lets observe some of them.

Improper use of memory card: This can take place only if you are careless about your data and memory card. Using memory card improper include sudden detaching of the memory card from the computer, damaging it physically or sometimes exposing to the infected data.

Frequent use: It is prefer that memory card should be used in single device for its good working and durability. But most of the users change their memory card from device to device. This might make your memory card inaccessible.

Third party software: Data from memory card can be deleted or made inaccessible by the third party software when they are installed or run on your memory card. Antivirus software may be a reason for this type of data loss. Many a times you find that, after performing an antivirus run some of the important data from memory card is missing, which might be a result of performing scan.

Incorrect removal of the card: As you know, any kind of improper action can lead to lose something. So the same way removing your card from the PC in between the information transfer can become a reason for corruption of the card.

Now let’s know the procedure of recovering data from memory card. This procedure involves just clicking of some simple mouse clicks. You might be surprise, but its true using card recovery software. Software has very simple user interface and help you to rescue MMC data at your fingertips. You can simply restore inaccessible, lost and deleted data from SD card, CF card, XD card and from other flash drives using this amazing tool. This tool can be utilized to retrieve data from all famous brand of camera’s memory cards and utility even facilities you to find Olympus XD picture card data from severely corrupted Olympus card. Free demo edition of this software is available on the internet using which you can find out more features of the software.

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