Get back deleted pictures from Olympus DSLR Camera

DSLR stands for “Digital Single Lens Reflex” it is a kind of digital camera used to click high resolution images. DSLR cameras have become most popular because of its unbelievable clarity of photos. This is one of the best features of DSLR attracting people to use DSLR cameras.

Olympus made C-1400L which is the starting point for the development of a series of fixed lens DSLR with high performance zoom lenses that captures images with amazing image quality. It has high-quality exchangeable lens which introduces dust introduction system to solve the problem of specks in images.

Sometimes you may find photos that you captured on Olympus DSLR camera deleted or missing due to certain factors. If you want to recover deleted pictures from Olympus camera, then use a proficient Recover DSLR application that restores deleted pictures with great ease and effectively.

It is safer to restore a backup copy of your photos in some external storage devices to avoid the situations of photo lost. The deleted photos of your camera continue to reside on the camera memory card or in any other external storage device even after the deletion. This is what it makes possible to recover erased pictures again from Olympus DSLR camera. The deleted photo remains on your memory card until it is overwritten by new photos after which it cannot be recovered. To avoid all sorts of overwriting, it is better not to use camera memory card after the photo deletion and use a photo recovery software like Recover DSLR at the earliest to recover deleted pictures from Olympus camera.

Situations behind deletion or loss of photos from Olympus DSLR camera:

Accidental deletion: If you delete all your unwanted photos from Olympus camera, you may accidentally use “Delete all” option which results in huge amount of data loss from your Olympus DSLR camera.

Abrupt camera switch off: If the camera abruptly switches off due to low battery condition or any other reasons then your captured images gets deleted from DSLR camera.

Improper Ejection: Sometimes, if user wants to transfer pictures from camera memory card to computer or any other external storage device, if he pulls out the external storage device suddenly before completion of transfer process.

Virus infection: When your removable card of DSLR camera is severely infected by virus, then it will cause huge amount of data loss.

Photo transfer: When you are trying to move photos from DSLR camera to any other external storage device or computer using Cut & Paste combination then if any kind of interruptions like power failure, ejection of camera card, etc then it may result in loss of photos.

Whatever stands out the reasons behind deletion of images from Olympus DSLR camera, Recover DSLR software helps you in an amazing way to recover deleted photos from Olympus camera.This utility is mainly used for restoring RAW images from different DSLR/SLR digital camera and camcorders. You can get free trial version of this utility by visiting at and you can start retrieve deleted pictures from Olympus camera.

Advanced features of Recover DSLR software:

  • One of the best utility to recover deleted photos from Olympus digital camera.
  • This application has capacity to recover images from various brands of memory card such as Transcend, Sony, SanDisk, Lexar, HP, Kingston, Samsung etc. which are mostly used in DSLR camera
  • DSLR Recovery tool has the capability to retrieve photos from different DSLR camera models such as Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, Kodak, Samsung, Pentax, Sony and so on.
  • It restores digital RAW photos with different file formats such as ORF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, PSD, TIFF etc.
  • It has very simple Graphical User interface which supports any beginners to do recovery task easily.
  • With the help of preview option, you can preview recovered images from Olympus DSLR camera before saving it to any desired location.

Retrieve JPEG Pictures from Sony Cyber Shot Digital Camera

“Hello Friends!! Last week I accidentally deleted some important pictures from Sony Cyber Shot Digital Camera due to my carelessness. Now I am in serious condition I have not maintained the backup of deleted pictures. Can anyone tell me how to recover images from Sony Cyber Shot Digital camera? Any help would be really appreciated…!”

The above mentioned scenario is very common among the users around the globe. Well, you don’t have to worry!! It is quite easy and simple to get back images from Sony Cyber-Shot Digital Camera using Digital Photo Recovery Software. Digital photo recovery tool comes with built in algorithm that deeply scans your drive to locate deleted photo file types and helps you in recovering your JPEG photos from Sony Cyber Shot Digital Camera just within few easy steps.

A camera is used to capture sweet moments that can be stored and transmitted to other location through memory card. It is used to shoot still images and moving images such as videos or movies. Some of the modern camera manufacturing companies are such as Kodak, Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus, Samsung, Hasselblad, etc and Sony is one among them. It has many features such as image capture, focus, exposure control, shutters, lens etc. These cameras capture pictures with different file format like JPEG, JPG, GIF, ARW, CR2, etc. Among them JPEG is the one which is highly preferred. Despite of having so many features users may face loss / deletion of photos from Sony Cyber Shot Digital Camera.  After such unusual situation, the next thing which comes in users mind is how to retrieve deleted JPEG photos from Sony Cyber-shot camera. But, there is no need to get worried as one can easily perform deleted photo recovery process using the most recommended digital photo recovery program.

Common scenarios for deletion of JPEG Pictures:

  • Unintended Deletion: When trying to delete some poor quality JPEG photos, there are pretty more chances where you might end up with selection of precious pictures and delete them.
  • Memory Card Corruption – There are many reasons through which memory card gets corrupt some of them are virus assault, improper handling of device, etc. and leads to inaccessibility of respective stored data. In order to make further use of device in future, you have to format it. This may lead to loss of your file from memory card.
  • Third party Software – The JPEG photos from the Sony camera memory card could be deleted by third party software like Antivirus scanning program. The Antivirus tool may delete the JPEG files from the Sony Cyber-Shot camera memory card that are severely infected by virus and could not be fixed by it.
  • Accidental Formatting – If you accidentally format the memory card, the files present inside the memory card gets deleted completely leading to complete data loss.

Irrespective of the factor behind deletion, one can effectively get back all their deleted JPEG photos by using our most comprehensive digital photo recovery software.

How to Recover Sony Cyber Shot Digital Camera JPEG Photos using Digital Photo Recovery Program?

Photo Recovery Software can be used to recover Sony cyber-shot digital camera JPEG photos based on its unique signatures. After recovering Sony cyber shot digital camera JPEG pictures, you can save retrieved data onto CD/DVD or any accessible drive. This restoration program saves disk space by creating compressed zip archives of the recovered files and folders. In addition of restoring JPEG images from Sony Cyber Shot digital camera, the tool can help you to recover your deleted as well as lost files from memory card, USB drives, iPods, FireWire Drives and many more secondary storage drives.

This recovery tool  is designed in such a way it can be used by both technical and non technical people to restore JPEG photos from Sony Cyber-shot Digital Camera. This tool facilitates the save recovery session option which helps users to avoid re-scanning your hard drive and resume the saving process any time. You can call us at any time to get the technical support from professionals regarding our products. 

Features of Digital Photo Recovery Software –

  •  Photo Recovery utility can be used to identify and recover different file types such as images, video, audio and so on.
  • Using this recovery tool, media files which are deleted using Shift + delete option, command key deletion etc can be recovered easily.
  • Restored Sony cyber shot digital camera JPEG images can be sorted on the basis of name, date, size and file type.
  • With the aid of the this restoration app, it is very easy to rescue JPEG pictures from Sony digital camera from card which has been deleted or formatted.
  • Supports picture recovery from Sony digital camera on all the latest versions of Windows Operating System such as Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 and 2008.
  • Digital photo recovery application not only supports Sony digicam, but it also supports you to find deleted photos from other digital camera brands like Kodak, Nikon, Canon, etc.
  • The tool not only recovers JPEG photo file, but helps in restoring other photo file formats such as PNG, GIF, TIFF, PSD, etc. including RAW images.

Steps to recover Sony Cyber Shot Digital Camera JPEG Photos –

Download and install the demo version of Photo Recovery Software. Run the tool to select the appropriate scan method to recover deleted or lost photos. Then, select the drive from which the data needs to be recovered. Once you are done with the retrieval process, use “Preview” option to view the restored images. If you are satisfied with demo version results, purchase the licensed version of our software to save the retrieved files

Precautions to be taken –

  • Keep backup of important images in external storage devices.
  • Always use effective antivirus software to prevent your system from harmful viruses.
  • Do not interrupt the files which are transferring from memory card to System.