Best email recovery tool

Emails are the fastest mode of Electronic communications. These emails are very fast and also have much broadcasting ability.  That is the reason why they are different from paper-based communications. Due to some situations loss of emails happens which causes a lot of affect to the users for their daily conversations. Even though you can easily recover the emails from Outlook by using an efficient software.

Whenever you create an account in Outlook it automatically creates a new PST file in order to store all the emails along with all the attributes. Normally PST files stores contacts, tasks, addresses, calendar appointments, meetings notes etc. Let us discuss about some of the most common loss scenarios of emails from Outlook.

  • Whenever you delete the emails they will move to the “Deleted Items” folder. If you delete emails from “Deleted Items” folder unintentionally also they get permanently deleted from Outlook.
  • Any corruption in header structure of PST file will also leads to the loss of important emails.
  • Sometimes for saving disk space you may compact your PST files. In that case if any error occurs while compacting then it leads to loss of the essential emails.
  • When some anti-virus scanning is going on in your system then also there may be chances of the corruption of PST files.

In order to avoid all the above mentioned loss scenarios you need to follow important precautions. That is nothing but having backup is important before repairing corrupted PST files. Email recovery on Windows 7 can be done by using an efficient email recovery software. That is the Repair Outlook (PST) Software.

Features of Repair Outlook Software:

This software can repair corrupted and damaged PST files which are unable to repair by using Scan.exe which is inbuilt repair tool. This software will create a new PST file for recovered emails to store in that newly created PST file. With emails it also can recover all the other attributes of Outlook such as contacts, tasks, appointments, notes, calendar, meetings and many more. This software is the best email recovery tool.

Steps to download Repair Outlook Software:


 Step 1: The first step is to download this recovery software and after that install the software. Now run the software by shortcut icon which is there on the desktop.


Step 2: You can view a new screen with three different options. Select the option which is desired to you and after that click on “Next” button.


Step 3: A new window appears with two options for the scanning methods. You can select one of the scanning method and then select the destination path and click on “Repair” option. Now the scanning method will be started.


Step 4: Once the process of scanning is finished you can view all the recovered files easily in a new window.