A smart disk drive recovery software

You can find different types of disk drives available like floppy disk drives, magnetic disk drives, hard disk drives and optical disk drives. Hard disk drives are generally utilized on personal computers for storing the user’s data. The operating system handles the data, that is stored on your own hard disk drive. In case your new hard disk is just not formatted, you will want to format it, given it will assign file system for data storage. FAT (File Allocation Table) and NTFS (New Technology File System) are two varieties of file systems for Windows. The file system manages the data that is stored on your own hard disk. Sometimes, it will happen that formatting the hard drive by accident, where the important data is stored. However, this method will erase complete data and assign new file system and which might result in data loss. When this occurs, you shouldn’t save any new data about the same hard disk drive to avoid the overwriting. Then you can certainly use a good data recovery tool like disk drive recovery software to recover lost data from formatted hard disk.

Actually, a file system can serve as an interface relating to the hard drive and operating system. File system maintains the files positioned on a hard drive if you try and read a certain file, the operating system asks the file system to read out that file. File system searches the index in the file which points to the location of your particular file. After the file system provides the information, this returns that information towards the operating system. So, accidentally formatting the hard disk may result in losing the access to files. Sometimes, you may receive errors like “Disk is not formatted. Do you need to format it now?” in this situation in the event you say yes then important data which is stored on hard drive gets deleted producing data loss. This error may appear because of various reasons like virus attack, improper shutdown or power failure.

If you wish to recover your computer data safe from the accidentally formatted hard drive, they usually do not copy any new data to a hard drive. In the event you save any new data then there could be a chance of overwriting new data with lost data, that might cause permanent loss of data that is certainly beyond recovery. Creating backup is a good strategy to save your important data. In case you have not created the backup, you will want to work with disk drive recovery software to recover lost data from the formatted hard drive.

Disk drive recovery is a well-known data recovery software, which will let you recover lost or deleted data from your hard drive. This software also recovers lost data even after re-installing the OS. This tool better works for famous labels of hard drives like Seagate, Western Digital, Fujitsu, and Toshiba. You may also use this software to recover lost data from Transcend Jetflash 700 USB flash drive, flash memory card and Firewire drive. This recovery software package is simple, easy and safe to recover lost or deleted data from various storage devices. You can also download the demo tool provided on the official website and try out the data recovery results.

USB drive data recovery software

If your USB drive was accidentally formatted, corrupted or deleted any data from it, then you are capable to restore all lost data just by making use of USB drive data recovery software. USB drives are widely used storage devises because they are portable, easy to store data and transfer files quickly from one system to another system. However, there are times where you can lose important data from your USB drive. Your USB drive can be corrupted due to various reasons like virus attack, operating system failure and making use of some third party tools. At these situations you are able to recover data from USB drive using USB drive recovery software.

This software is designed, especially to recover files like photos, videos, music, text file, etc from the USB drive. This software can unformat pen drive, external hard drive, memory cards, etc because it has strong inbuilt algorithm. With the help of this algorithm, the software is capable to scan complete drive and restore all types of data, irrespective of reasons. It performs file recovery successfully at various situations like accidental deletion of photos, improper ejection of USB drive, etc.

Even the small mistake of a user, such as clicking on a wrong option while using a computer may also bring serious data loss situations. For example, you may be looking to format “D” drive to remove all old movies from it but mistakenly you have formatted its adjacent drive “E” drive where important office files are stored. At this scenario you may your business documents like account details, project report, etc. Then the question may arise in your mind like how to unfromat drive or partition, to restore all lost data.

As a regular computer user, one can do such common mistakes while operating on a system. By understanding such user problems, there are various companies they had developed recovery applications to retrieve lost data from storage devices. Even though, various tools available to perform data recovery still there is a doubt to get back lost data successfully. This is because there are lots of tools available on internet, but few of then are not suitable to recover lost data and they are very prone to overwrite your drive and causes data loss permanently. Therefore when you are looking data recovery software to recover data from your USB drive, you should be careful.

One of the powerful data recovery application designed by industry experts is USB drive recovery software. This software is capable to recover all types of files from USB drive, irrespective of data loss situations. This is read only application so that you can recover all lost data without damage to your original files. To recover files, first it scans complete drive to restore all lost files, with the help of inbuilt scanning algorithm. One can download trial version of this software to evaluate data recovery results, before purchasing the software. Once you satisfied with the result obtained by the trial version of this software, you can save all recovered data using full version of this software.


How to Restore External Drives?

Different types of External USB drives can be referred as pen drives, external hard drive etc; The main usage of external drives is that they are used for storing additional data. One more thing is that these USB drives are also used for transferring the data from one computer system to the other system.

These External hard drives can store the data with a high level of security and safety. This drives can be connected to the system by using interface cable by which it can easily communicate with the computer.

But there are many chances of losing the data which is stored in the External USB Drives. Now let us discuss the loss scenarios of files from USB drives.

Accidental deletion of files: There can be some situations in which you may use shift + delete keys accidentally. By this it will results in the loss of that particular file from the external drive which is essential to you.

Abrupt Power failures: This is nothing but some times when you are transferring the files from external drives to the system there will be some chances of power downs. By this it will leads to the loss of files which are involved during transferring.

Data loss due to virus attacks: Generally antivirus programs are used to scan the files. In some cases these will fail to detect those viruses from the system. By these virus attacks files become inaccessible or else you need to format your hard drive which leads to deletion of the entire data.

Now in order to get rid of the above scenarios you are in need of some precautions. That is you need to take the backup of the data. Also to restore drive you need to use Drive Recovery Software.

Features of Drive Recovery Software:

Firstly the entire drive will be scanned for a while in order to recover the deleted and lost files. This software has the capability of recovering the data which is lost due to corruption of catalogs, volume header corruptions and journal corruption also. It can recover external usb drives easily.

Steps to download Drive Recovery Software:

Step 1: Download and install the Drive Recovery Software and then you need to launch the software.

Step 2: A new window appears from where you need to select “Recover Files” option.

Step 3:  You can select “Deleted Files” or “Lost Files” option from the next screen which is visible.

Step 4: A window will appear with all the drives. Now you need to select the drive from which you need to retrieve the files which has been lost.

Step 5: Now in the very last step you can easily view the files which are recovered by using “Preview” option.