Best Way to Convert Outlook OST File to PST File

Microsoft Outlook is one of popular email applications developed by Microsoft which enables communication facility through sending and receiving emails. Today Outlook accounts are commonly used by business professionals because Microsoft Outlook works in both online and offline mode.PST files are used by Outlook to work in online mode and OST file plays a critical role in accessing the data even when they are offline.

Task manager, contact manager, web browsing, note taking, calendar and journals are the excellent features provided by Microsoft to its users. All types of information stored in Outlook are saved as OST and PST file. When we access Outlook from our computer the Outlook data will be synchronized with the Exchange Server and OST files will be changed to PST files. Any corruptions in these file format will affect Outlook profile thus our outlook profile may become Inaccessible or damaged.

Outlook is providing many features to its users but sometimes OST file get corrupted and restrict the access of Outlook profile. If you are worried about such situation then chose Outlook OST to PST conversion tool to get rid of your problem. Convert outlook OST to PST are mandatory for the repire of corrupted OST file.

Why Outlook OST to PST conversion tool is required.

Sometimes Bad sectors on your system may corrupt OST file and restrict access to Outlook profile. Virus arrack and sudden shut down of system are the major reasons behind formation of bad sectors. If header files get corrupted then OST file will also corrupt because Size of the file, creation date, modification date are managed by header file. Network problem, exchange server upgradation, synchronization error etc. also makes your OST file corrupted. Outlook OST to PST conversion tool helps to repire this damaged files and enables access to the Outlook profile.

Convert OST to PST utility for instant solution

Convert OST to PST is a modern professional tool that helps to convert OST to PST file. This utility ensure safe and efficiency in exchange of OST to PST file with few mouse clicks. It is a read only application so conversion process will not affect the core file. It means, the application reads only the original file and create a copy of the same for creating a new file. Convert OST to PST utility can convert OST to PST file that is stored in hard drive, external hard drive, solid state drive, pen drives etc.

Some Features of Convert OST to PST software

  • This is user friendly software. No deep technical knowledge is required to use this utility. It is easy to converts OST to PST file within a short span of time.
  • Restores and repire various Outlook attributes such as calendars, emails, contacts, RSS feeds, journals, tasks, notes, etc while converting OST to PST file.
  • This software supports all versions of Microsoft Outlook such as Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000 etc.
  • This utility does not modify original OST files also it does not affect other data in your Outlook account.
  • 24*7 customer service facility are available for all users regarding to solve queries related to OST to PST conversion.

Unable to access Outlook OST files… Now learn how to fix OST file corruption

MS Outlook is the finest application across the world for storing personal details. And the most exciting thing is that it provides you with an option to work in offline mode. For storing data in offline mode it uses Offline Storage Table, in which you can stores all your Outlook emails and other attributes when you work in offline mode. As you made changes in the OST file, it will automatically get updated once you get connected to the Exchange Server.

Like all other file types, OST file can also get damaged due to various factors. At such situation you need some powerful tool which can fix OST file in a secure way. Fix OST tool is the best tool to perform OST repair process. With this tool you can repair OST file within few simple steps. This tool is designed with special inbuilt algorithm which deeply scans the corrupt OST file and recovers all the data from it.

Generally, Outlook OST file gets corrupt, when user tries to compress the OST file to reduce it storage space. The OST file gets corrupted when the compressing process is terminate in between or not executed properly. The compression process will get stuck in between due to two reasons one is sudden power failure during compression process or second one is synchronization error. Incomplete compression process will leads to an OST file corruption. If you facing such situation then no need to worry, as you can easily repair your corrupted OST file by using fix OST utility.

Improper termination of Outlook application can be another reason for OST corruption. If your Outlook application gets closed suddenly while accessing OST file for synchronization will results in header corruption of OST file. This makes your OST file inaccessible due to which you will lose your important emails and other Outlook attributes. To handle such situation make use of fix OST application to perform OST repair process and to recover emails from OST file effectively.

Though Outlook has inbuilt inbox repair tool, which is used to repair corrupt OST file. But sometimes this tool gives error when you trying to repair your damage OST file through it. This happens because inbox repair tool has certain limitations beyond which it can’t repair OST file. Some using this tool to repair OST file will cause further damage to the OST file. Therefore, if you want to repair your OST file safely directly go for professional software such as fix OST to repair corrupted OST file.

This application does not change the original damaged OST file. It only creates a new healthy copy of OST file along with all its attributes.  This tool can also fix OST file which is password protected and it supports all the versions of MS Outlook like Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. You can download trial version of this tool. With this you can estimate the software performance and if you are satisfied with its feedback, then you can choose its full version.