How to Undelete Folders from Various Storage Devices???

Most of the regular users of computer often create folders wherein they save different file types with the name of their choice so that managing the various files becomes easy. This is the best way to carry out fast access to the stored files of different categories in system or other data storage drives.  By making use of folders you can manage all your files separately for example all music files in folder by name “Music”, photos in folder by name “Pictures”, files in folder by name “Documents” and many more.

These folders are very much important as they store your entire files. So, if you delete a folder accidentally then you will end up all of the files from deleted folder. Worried a lot about the deleted folder? If yes, then leave all your worries and just make use of deleted folder recovery tool which helps you to find deleted folders from storage device effectively in few minutes.

Reasons behind deletion of folders:

  • Folders deleted by using Command Prompt i.e. RD or RMDIR commands will result in permanent deletion of folders causing loss of files.
  • Errors generated while using any installed third party tools might sometime delete the folders resulting in data loss from that particular folder.
  • In case your system’s hard disk is severely affected by deadly virus and while scanning the drive using anti-virus scanning tool, some of the folders which were infected by malicious virus got deleted by antivirus tool leading to data loss.
  • Formatting the storage device accidentally or mistakenly, deletes all the stored files and folders causing data loss. This deleted folder recovery toolkit will efficiently retrieve folders from formatted drive with utmost ease.

Preventive steps to overcome data loss in future:

  1. Always create backup of all the folders present on the hard drive and save them on reliable secondary storage media, update it regularly so that when you face any type of data loss situation it will help you to restore your lost files from those specific folders.
  2. Install effective anti-virus scanning program in order to prevent computer from harmful virus or malware invasion.
  3. Do not write any new files onto the storage area from where the folders are deleted which avoids overwriting and increases possibilities of file recovery.
  4. Turn of the computer in a correct way using proper shutdown option.

There could be numerous other reasons that you may experience in the future while using hard drive. No need to get panic!!! Thanks to technology, as you have deleted folder recovery program by making use of which you can tackle all data loss issues. Deleted folder recovery toolkit can regain files & folders which are deleted by using Windows Command line or MS Dos. This utility can efficiently rescue deleted Recycle Bin folder or Trash Bin at your fingertips with ease. It supports deleted folder recovery from FAT16, FAT32, EXFAT NTFS and NTFS5 file system partitions.

Follow few simple steps to use this deleted folder recovery toolkit:

First get the trial version of deleted folder recovery software and set up the installation on hard drive of your Mac or Windows based machines. After installation, launch the application and select “Recover Files” option, click on “Recover Deleted Files” option to start the recovery process. Now choose logical partition from where the deleted folders are to be retrieved and click “Next” button. Once you are done with the folder recovery process, you can estimate the performance of the toolkit and in case you are fully agreed to its outcomes then just go ahead and purchase complete software from internet.