Easy Way to Move Outlook to New Computer

“Hello, kind assistances required on migration of Outlook data to a new PC! Last week, I bought a new Intel i7 computer and I have no idea how to move my earlier Outlook data, from my old system. Previously I was using Outlook 2007 in Windows Vista on the old PC but in my new computer I have got Outlook 2010 with Windows 7 OS. I have no idea how to perform this operation and don’t even know whether it’s possible or not? Because I have all important Outlook attributes on my old PC. Could someone please help me to move Outlook to new computer?backupoutlookmail-sub-windows-screenshot

Transferring Outlook data is a very complicated job. One small mistake or error occurred during migrating may result in loss or corruption of the entire data presented in MS Outlook. So are you in the plan of transferring Outlook data from one PC to other?  Are you are unaware how to perform it? Then fear not! Simply refer this article to know more.

You can manually migrate Outlook-2007 to Outlook-2010 by simply following below steps:

  • Step-1: Go to this destination: “%user%\localsettings\ApplicationData\Microsoft\Outlook” and open the Outlook folder and copy all the Outlook data presented on it. By using any storage medium.
  • Step-2: Transfer those copied files on the same address location as above on the Oulook-2010 by creating “new folder” named as “Oulook”.
  • Step-3: After copying those files, start Microsoft Outlook and on the bottom of the dialog box select “Manually configure settings”.
  • Step-4: In the pop-up screen click “next” and in sub menu “Deliver new messages to” Select “Existing Outlook Data File”. Browse and select the required information and click “OK”.

By this you can successfully migrate all Outlook data from one PC to other. However, many of the users experience corruption / damage in their Outlook profile by manually migrating Outlook data and you cannot exactly perform migration if you are not advanced Outlook and Windows user. So, why take such a risk when you have “Migrate Outlook” software?

This application is designed in such a way that I will never neither affect nor corrupt your Outlook data / Outlook profile during migration. Even new users having least knowledge about Windows OS and Outlook can easily perform migration without much effort. By using this utility you can personalize transfer, either you can migrate all of the Outlook attributes or some of them based upon user requirements. It supports and can be installed Microsoft OS like Windows 2003 server, Windows-XP, Windows-vista, Windows-7 and Windows-8. It can migrate various versions of Microsoft Outlook like 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and Office 365.