Restore Images from Corrupt External Hard Disk

External hard drives are the best storage devices used to save and backup huge amount of data such as office and personal documents. These drives have same storage capacity when compared to internal hard drives. It is easy to share data present in external hard disk among different computers by just connecting a single USB cable. These drives are portable in nature, hence users can carry office data to home. Now-a-days, people prefer to store important data in external device as it is more reliable and has advanced data security features. Pictures are the wonderful remembrance of our past lives. Losing photos is very annoying then losing any other files. Hence people choose to keep image folders in their external hard disk as a backup to avoid risk of losing it. Even though it has so many advantages still these devices can get damaged easily due to virus attack, corruption, etc. as they are connected to different systems to copy data.

Have you ever faced such terrific situation of losing important images from your corrupted external HDD? Are those pictures present in damaged external hard disk inaccessible?  If those photos have become inaccessible, does that mean you have lost those beautiful images from your corrupt hard drive. Not at all! Use of photo recovery utility helps you to easily overcome this issue by recovering lost images from corrupted external hard drive without taking much time. This restoration software is fast enough with efficient scanning special algorithm that deeply scans your drive to locate lost photo files, which in turn enables you to restore pics from damaged external hard disk using its unique file signature.

Below listed are some scenarios on how external hard drive gets damaged:

 Improper handling: If you eject the device abruptly without using safe remove hard drive option from the system after all transfer is done, then in such case it might damage your external HD making you lose all data including pictures.

Virus attack: As these devices are connected to many systems for data transfer, they are more prone to virus attack. This might lead to corruption of external hard drive resulting in inaccessibility of pictures and other data present in it.

File system corruption: File system plays an important role in storing all the data in hard drive. If this file system gets corrupted due to virus invasion or any other reasons, then the device might easily get damaged leading to heavy data loss including your important photos.

Sometimes you may decide to format the external hard drive thinking that hard disk will come back to normal condition and even you may succeed in it, but end up with severe data loss. This device may work properly. Then also don’t use it to save any new data until you retrieve data from corrupted external hard disk completely, else old data in the hard drive may get overwritten with new one and you may lose the data permanently. Once you come across such situation, immediately use photo recovery tool to recover pictures from damaged external hard drive without much effort.

Precautions measures to be followed to avoid damage to external hard drive:

  • Immediately stop using of drive after deletion or loss of folders to avoid overwriting
  • Always scan external hard disk using updated antivirus software to get rid of virus from device
  • Do not connect your external HDD to virus infected laptops or computers

Excellent features of Photo Recovery Tool:

Photo recovery toolkit uses some advanced algorithms to rescue all types of data like images, music, videos, text documents, etc. easily within few moments. It performs deep scanning of entire drive to get back different types of picture formats like JPEG, PNG, TIF, etc. at utmost ease. It supports photo recovery from damaged external HDD on all versions of Windows like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc. This restoration utility is capable of recovering images from all secondary storage devices like memory cards, memory sticks, pen drives, etc. just within fraction of seconds. This software has a simple user interface and it provides free demo version that helps user  to have an brief idea on how to recover pictures from damaged external hard drive without any assistance. You can preview the recovered images and check the performance of the software. If you are satisfied with this version then you can purchase the licensed version and save the restored photos.

How to Perform External Hard Drive Files Recovery?

Are you looking for recover lost and deleted files from external hard drive? If yes hen this article will help you to recover those files from external hard drive. There are lots of reasons due to which you may suffer data loss from external hard drive like system error, human error, external drive error or accidental data loss etc. But don’t worry you can very efficiently recover your files from it. But for this you need to install recovery software to recover your files.  So one of the best and popular recovery software is the External hard drive files recovery software. This software helps to sort out your problem in very less time using its advanced scan engine and restore your files as it was without any modification in it.

Let’s know one of the common situations of the loss of files from external drive is like, suppose you have stored your entire office project file on your external hard drive to represent it in your office. However when you try to open this file in your office at the time of project presentation you got shocking news that your external drive is empty. In such kind of situation obviously any one will go frustrate and try to search where your all data went? Now What Next?? How will you recover lost and deleted files from this external hard drive? So in such case use External hard drive files recovery software and recover lost files from external hard drive. By using this software even you can recover crashed external hard drive data. But you should aware, what are the other reasons behind loss of files from external hard drive. So those all scenarios are mentioned below,

Aware about reasons due to which you may lose files from external hard drive:

  • Loss of files due to corruption of file system (Like FAT & NTFS) of external hard drive.
  • Freezing of external drive due to attack of hazardous threats like virus and malwares on external hard drive which leads to loss of files.
  • Corruption of Master Boot Record due to abrupt removal of external drive which results into data loss.
  • Loss of files due to incomplete processes like uploading, downloading files etc. due to sudden shortage of power loss.
  • Files become inaccessible due to bad sectors, scratches on disk platter also lead to loss of files from external hard drive.
  • Interruption in the partitioning or repartitioning process of external hard drive due to system error or human error.
  • Accidentally or unintentionally formatting or reformatting of external hard drive.

So if you are victim of loss of files from your external hard drive then you can use External hard drive files recovery software. There are lots of advanced features of this software which helps to recover your lost and deleted file from your system. Those all features are mentioned below,

Qualitative features of external hard drive files recovery software:

  • This software supports to recover lost and deleted files from different hard drive brands like Seagate, Iomega, Kingston, Western Digital, Samsung etc.
  • Crashed/corrupted/damaged/inaccessible external as well as system drive recovery can be possible by using this software.
  • This software is capable to recover and restore more than 300 file types along with its file name, type, date and size.
  • To know more “

External hard drive files recovery software supports to:

  • File System: FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS, NTFS5 etc.
  • Windows OS: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7.

To download and to know more about this software:

This software is available in free demo version you can download it and try to recover your lost files from external drive on windows system. If you feel satisfied with this result then you can buy this software to save those recovered results. Visit Here: “