Repair the file which displays not a RAR archive

A RAR file is created by making use of WinRAR application. These RAR files are used to store large files such as Photo albums, video clips, movies, documents and many more into a single folder.  Using these RAR files you can send large size files over internet very easily. RAR files will compress large volume of files into a smaller size and store it in single folder. This will reduce the storage space in hard drive. You need to extract RAR file to open and access those files which are present inside, so both sender and receiver must have WinRAR app for easy exchange of data. These RAR files are saved using .rar file extension. Due to some errors RAR files might get corrupted and you might experience “file not a RAR archive” error, when you encounter this error you cannot access that RAR file. It could be major problem, if RAR file consists of some confidential data in it. In this situation you can make use of RAR file repair software, this software will repair all type of RAR file and repair the files which gives the error like “file is not a RAR archive”.

Situation to tell how you can corrupt your RAR archive

  • CRC error: For each RAR file there will be unique bit code. These CRC will check the bit code of both original file bit code and received RAR file bit code, if both bit code matches then CRC will provide the access to extract those files, if bit codes does not match means it will denies the access permission by sending “CRC file error” message. In this situation you can make use RAR file repair software, to repair the corrupted RAR file.
  • Abnormal termination: When you’re working with RAR file, suddenly power might get shut down and WinRAR application might experience abnormal termination. This abnormal termination of WinRAR app will result in corrupted RAR file.
  • Downloading error: When you’re downloading some RAR files from internet, you might experience break down of internet. Due to this RAR file might get corrupted and you might lose access for those files.

Unique feature of repair software

RAR file repair tool can repair all versions of RAR file. This tool will make use of powerful and efficient repair algorithms to repair all kind of corrupted RAR files. This tool can repair, RAR file which are protected from password. CRC error files can be repaired by identifying and removing the error bits from RAR file bit code, this process will be performed by RAR file repair tool. Once you install this software, it will automatically scan the entire WinRAR app and RAR files. If this tool encounters any error or corrupted files it will automatically fix it. This software has a good user interface, through which any person can easily use this app for repairing their RAR files. You can use this software to fix RAR file that says not a valid RAR archive. This tool is compactable on all Windows OS versions such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Ideas to repair corrupted RAR Archive file

The file compression is a most common practice to reduce file size and to send it through email as an attachment. Usually ZIP and RAR Archives are used to compress files. The RAR is a most preferred tool when it comes to the downloading and uploading files from the remote servers. The RAR reduces the file size effectively and saves the time and traffic on internet.

However, RAR files are more prone to the corruption of compressed data. Along with the popularity of compression of data, the chances of RAR file corruption are also increased. Suppose if you are the one who lost data due to RAR Archive file corruption and thinking how to repair it, then you are absolutely in the right path. Keep on reading this article to get guidelines regarding how to repair RAR Archive file.

It is extremely simple to repair corrupted RAR file using RAR repair software. With the assistance of this software you can repair RAR file within a couple of mouse clicks. Before going to know the ideas of RAR file repair, let us look at the scenarios of RAR Archive file corruption. Finding the reasons behind file corruption may help you to prevent RAR file corruption once again due to the same reason.

Some common reasons for RAR file corruption are explained below.

  • Usually the RAR files get corrupt due to the interruption during downloading it from the server. Sometimes the download process will get disturb due to sudden power disconnection, system crash or sudden reboot of system. Once the download process is interrupted, then your RAR file is more likely to get damage.
  • Incomplete unzipping of RAR file is also another reason for file corruption. The unzip process can be incomplete due to sudden shutdown of system.
  • The virus attack is also a reason for RAR file corruption. The virus can corrupt file structure of RAR file and makes it inaccessible to the user. Even the application malfunction can also leads to RAR file corruption.
  • Changing the extension of RAR file is also another reason for its corruption. If the file extension is altered while renaming it, then it leaves the file to be damaged.

Well, what if the RAR file is corrupted due to above scenarios. Don’t worry, just find the appropriate way to repair corrupted RAR file. When the RAR file is corrupted, the first thing that you need to do is, download RAR Archive repair software and start to repair corrupted RAR file simply by following the steps provided in the software.

Once you installed the RAR repair software inside your computer make sure that the enough space is available to save repaired files because the software just reads the corrupted file, repairs it and prepares a separate copy of it. You can save it in any location or in any other storage media by connecting to your system.

Suppose if you have doubt on this software, don’t worry too much, just download trial version of this software and check it works to repair your file or not. This trial version of the software works as that of licensed version and allows you to view the recovered files. Once you completed the recovery process using trial version of the software then you can save recovered data by purchasing complete version of the software.