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“From yesterday night, my Mac system stopped working. When I restart my Mac system it displays an error mac-hard-drivemessage like “Mac hard drive is full” making the file inaccessible. Can anyone suggest me anyway to recover lost files from Mac hard drive with ease?”

Have you ever faced such situations due to which you lose your vital files from Mac hard drive? Then don’t get panic as you can opt Mac Recovery Software which is capable of recovering deleted or lost files from Mac system with ease. Mac Recovery Software has advanced scanning algorithm which scans your entire Mac hard drive and recovers deleted or lost files from it within few mouse clicks.

Reasons behind loss of files from mac hard drive:

  • Accidentally deleting of vital Mac partition instead of some other partitions from Mac hard drive.
  • Error occurs during repartitioning of Mac hard drive may corrupt or damage the file system of the partition causing loss of data.
  • Increased number of bad sector on which you have saved vital files leads to loss of files.
  • Use of third party software to create, resize or remove the partition of Mac hard drive may result in loss of data.
  • Corruption of MBR (Master Boot Record) causes inaccessibility of file on Mac hard drive and results in data loss.
  • Sudden shutdown of Mac system while you are transferring files from other storage device to it or vice-versa.
  • Errors during operating system re-installation result in loss of data from Mac hard drive.
  • Accidental deletion of essential files from Mac hard drive.
  • Formatting of Mac hard drive without taking backup of vital files also leads to loss of huge data.
  • Journal file corruption
  • Catalog file corruption

Any of the above-mentioned reasons may lead to loss of files from your Mac hard drive. In such situations, don’t get worried as you can opt Mac Recovery Software to recover deleted or lost files from Mac hard drive with ease.

Features of Mac Recovery Software:

  • This software is capable of retrieving deleted or lost files on various versions of Mac operating system such as Yosemite, Mavericks, Lion, Mountain lion, Leopard, and Snow Leopard.
  • It also performs recovery of deleted or lost data from MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iMac, etc. and other storage devices such as USB drive, flash drive, pen drive, memory card, memory stick, FireWire drive, external hard drive, etc.
  • The software also provides you high-level scanning algorithm to extract data from failed or dead hard drive without affecting the original contents of data which are stored on it.
  • It also recovers data from Mac hard drive formatted with a various file system such as HFSX, HFS+, FAT 32 , FAT 16, etc.
  • You can also recover data from Mac hard drive which is having different interfaces such as SCSI, PATA, SATA, IDE, ATA, SAS, etc.
  • With the help of “Preview” option, you can preview the recovered data before restoration.
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