Download Software to Fix MP4 Audio and Video Sync Out

mp4-257x300Mp4 format is most popularly used video format all around the world as it is reliable on different storage devices like laptop/Desktop, Smartphones, iPods, and more.

“I have collection of movie in Mp4 format.  It was working fine few days back but now when I play any video there in sync out in audio and video. Why audio is lagging video? I don’t know how to debug this issue? Can anyone suggest how to fix audio video sync Mp4?”

Fixing Audio video sync Mp4 is now simple by using external third party tool which has a strong mechanism in repairing audio and video stream individually and joins both to fix sync problem.

 Causes for audio video sync issue in MP4 files:

  1. Missing of any audio or video codecs from file, or audio video sync problems in MP4 file may cause due to non support of codecs with media player.
  2. If MP4 video gets infected by virus or malwares, then video cannot be read or you may face issue in audio video sync.
  3. Any disruptions during transferring or downloading MP4 video files may corrupt the file then audio will be delayed which indicates MP4 sync issue.
  4. If the video frame length is longer than audio frame or specified processor takes much time to make video frames with respect to audio frames may results in audio video out of sync.
  5. Improper termination of media player, header corruption, incorrect video editing process, errors while altering file format, and few more may results in audio and video sync.

How to fix audio video sync Mp4?

  • Download repair software and install in on your system to fix Mp4 audio and video sync.
  • On successful installation Run the software.
  • Later, browse and select your repair Mp4 file which is out of sync and click on Repair .
  • Scanning process for fixing audio video sync problems Mp4: will be initiated. Once the scanning process is completed, you can preview the new fixed Mp4 video file.
  • The fixed Mp4 files can be saved on successful purchase of the software.

 Some special features of repair software.

  • This software is reliable and user friendly which is used to solution to fix MP4 audio video sync issues.
  • This software has an ability to fix .mov files along with Mp4 and other other video formats recorded on different camera like Samsung, Kodak, Canon, Panasonic, Casio and some more.
  • This software is developed in such a manner that it repairs audio stream and video stream individually and then re-adjoins them together to make healthy and playable video.
  • This software is more affective and advanced to fix Mp4 audio and video sync on Windows versions such as Windows 8, 6, XP, Vista, Win server 2003 and 2008 and as well as Mac Operating System like Mac Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, etc.
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