How to shred files from external USB drive

External USB drive is a portable data storage device that uses flash memory to store data. Flash memory means the data which is stored in USB drive retains even after the power goes off. The external USB drive is connected to a computer using the USB cable and is recognized as a removable drive by the computer operating system. Like other removable drives, it does not require rebooting after it has been attached, it does not require a power supply and it is also a platform independent. Therefore nowadays most of the people prefer external USB drive to have a backup because of its advanced features. Most of the organizations like military department, educational institutions, police department, banks and software companies are making use of external USB drive to have a data backup. Some of the users are used an external USB drive to store their personal account details. After long time use of USB drive, you may want to dispose this drive to the other person who needs. Then normally you will be deleted all files from the USB drive through formatting. But the normal deletion of files or formatting of hard drive removes the references to the file and not the contents. Therefore still it is possible to recover deleted data from external USB drive using some third party utility software. To shred files from external USB drive beyond recovery, you need to use third-party utility software such as “Remo File Eraser” which is available in the market.

You can also delete a particular file from external USB drive beyond recovery using File Eraser. For example, if you have a list of files in your USB drive and you wish to give this drive to another person. But you want to give some particular files, not all the files from the external USB drive, then you can delete particular files beyond recovery. Some of the software companies want to replace their old external USB drives after long time use. Then they may give their USB drives to institutes and persons who need. Then there is a chance of getting their old data from USB drive and this may affect your business. Therefore to avoid such data leakage situations, you need to delete files permanently before giving USB drive. Anyway if you want to give your USB drive to some third person and you don’t want to leak any data from this drive, then you can make use of “Remo File Eraser” software which is available in the market.

Remo File Shredder is a good file shredding software which is used to erase files from external USB drive securely. This software can be used to shred single file or list of files from logical drives or partitions permanently. By using this software you can delete files permanently from any type of hard drives such as SATA, SCSI and IDE. To erase files, this software uses various data shredding patterns such as Fast Zero Overwrite, Random Overwrite, DOD standard etc. This software is user-friendly that is non-technical background person can also use this software.

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