How to use QuickTime Screen Record

QuickTime is an inbuilt program in MacOS and it can play various types of audios and videos. However, most of them are not aware that it comes handy to create different types of recordings such as it can make audio recordings using your Mac’s microphone, or video recordings with your webcam. QuickTime also lets you make screen recordings! Yes, QuickTime player lets you create record full motion videos such as to demonstrate troubleshooting steps, creating tutorials, etc. Well, this article focuses on how to create QuickTime screen recordings on Mac systems. To create this, you must have at least Mac OS X 10.6.8.

  1. Initially open QuickTime Player from Application folder or Doc
  2. Next, click on the “File Menu” and the “New Screen Recording”
  3. Now the screen recording of QuickTime opens and there you will have two options. You can either click record to use the built in Mic or click the downward arrow to select an audio input.
  4. From the dropdown list of downward arrow, choose use Built-In Input or Soundflower and select the “Record Button”
  5. Windows pop up to explain how to stop the recording. So just go through this and click on Start Recording.
  6. Once you start recording, you can also see notice the Stop recording option at the top of the screen.
  7. To play the video, press Play and then take the video full screen.
  8. As the video completes you can either hit on “ESC” key on your keyboard or hit the exit full screen button.
  9. As you stop recording the screen the screen will open immediately in Quicktime Player.
  10. You can find the movie located in the movie folder on your Mac with the help of the finder by clicking on the finder icon.
  11. You can click on your Home folder, there you can see the movies and the screen file.
  12. Drag the file from the movies folder to the Desktop.
  13. Now it’s ready to use in Gamebreaker.

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