Recover Deleted or Lost Files from Memory Card

Almost all electronic gadgets like mobile phones, audio players, camcorders, digital camera, car navigation systems and many others uses memory cards to store data. A memory card uses flash memory to store data like pictures, movies, video clips, songs audio, documents, etc. There are various types of memory card available in the market with different storage capacities. However, in some unfortunate cases, users face data loss from this memory card.

Reasons which cause data loss from memory card:

  • You may accidentally choose important photos while deleting unwanted photos.
  • Sometime, you may accidentally select “Delete All” option while previewing photos from your mobile which leads to entire data loss from memory card.
  • A sudden power surge or abrupt removal of memory card from computer/ laptop while transferring files will alter the structure of memory card’s file system. As a result data from memory card become inaccessible.
  • When you transfer files from an untrustworthy website or when you copy files from virus affected storage devices to your memory card then there are more probabilities that your memory card may get corrupted and become inaccessible.
  • Due to inaccessibility of memory card, you may format to make it functional again. Even generally, you mistakenly format your memory card. In both cases, data gets deleted from your memory card.
  • If you remove memory card abruptly from a digital camera or card reader when you are accessing files can leads to corruption of the memory card. Moreover, the chances of data loss are higher in such cases.

If you are in any above situation that caused data loss from memory card then you can make use of Corrupted Memory Card Recovery software. But don’t be in confusion whether you can get back lost or deleted data from memory card or not because data is not permanently lost. It still resides on a memory card, until you store new data on it. Only file allocation table’s entries are removed when any data gets lost or deleted from memory card. It gets permanently erased from memory card only when overwriting process happens. Therefore, when you encounter data loss, right away stop using your memory card. Due to this mechanism, this utility is able to recover data from memory card with ease.

Features of Corrupted Memory Card Recovery software:

  • Corrupted Memory Card Recovery software is able to retrieve various data like videos, audios, documents from memory card.
  • It can also recover pictures formats like JPG, JPEG, TIF, PNG, RAW, etc photo formats.
  • Corrupted Memory Card Recovery software is compatible to recover memory card data on different versions of Windows (Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows8, Windows 7,  Windows 10, Windows 2003, etc) and Mac operating system (Yosemite, Mavericks, Lion, Mountain Lion, Snow, etc).
  • It easily recovers data from corrupted memory card such as xD card, SD card, SDHC, card, MMC card, etc.
  • This software helps in recovering deleted files from camcorders and digital camera of various popular brands such as Samsung, Fujifilm, Olympus, Nikon, Kodak, Canon, etc.
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